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What better way to spend a week in the north of France or in Italy than on this relaxing 8 night painting holiday?
A wonderful opportunity awaits…
We are pleased to invite artists and art lovers to take part in art workshops in France, Italy and Spain. The program includes 20 hours of master classes in oil painting, Plein Air and trips.
The marvellous views and scenic settings of charming Normandy villages, and stunning Tuscany and Lazio will inspire us with endless subjects. Sketching and drawing, composition and perspective, light and shadow - observing and capturing the colours and light during different moments of the day, as well as studies of characteristic elements will be part of the program.
The life of the working artist can be a very solitary experience confined to a lonely studio and Workshops was conceived to fill this void with a highly enriching experience that leaves you with lasting memories and lifelong friendship

Sunny Tuscany and Lazio

Sharing impressions
artist Angelika Privalikhina
Sicily & color

7-14 November 2019
€ 1550
Sorry, only for a Russian-speaking group!
with artist Angelika Privalikhina
Giverny & Etretat

15-21 May 2020
from €1850



Journey around in search of painting

Perfect place for
your relaxation

"Dear Angelika,
It is with the greatest admiration and appreciation that I advise you that my painting "White Roses", which I painted under your tutelage, was selected for showing at the 2018 Harmony Arts Festival, a large arts exhibition held annually in Vancouver.
Of the 103 artists who submitted works for consideration, mine was only one of 20 that were selected for showing.
The festival featured some of Canada's best artists, and was well attended by over 150,000 visitors.
I consider "White Roses" to be one of my best works to date, and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge and thank you for your incredible support through its creation.
You are an amazing teacher and an inspiration...through you I have discovered a new world of art, colours and technique! Thank you dear Angelika!
Elena Pecherskay

"А я побывала в сказке 😍
Всю прошлую неделю у нас был мастер-класс в Тоскане с одним из самых моих любимых художников Анжеликой Привалихиной. Это просто огромное счастье, когда такие люди, как Анжелика, приходят в твою жизнь.
Это был первый раз в моей жизни, когда я писала маслом.
Сплошной фейерверк радости, магии и вдохновения!!! Пока мы еще все продолжаем летать 😁😘😍 "
Xenia Raz


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