Angelika Privalikhina

About the Artist
Angeliкa is a member of the Russian Association of Artists since 2006 and the Member of the International Associations "Des ARTS Plastiques" UNESCO.
The works of Angelica are successfully exhibiting in various galleries of Russia, England and the United States.
Galleries: Platinum Living Fine Art Gallery USA, Sienna Fine art Gallery USA, Claremont Fine Art Gallery UK.
Many of her works are kept in private collections around the world.
In recent years, besides the main creative activity, Angelica pays much attention to the master classes, whose goal is not only to achieve significant progress in studying the basics of painting, but also to deepen the knowledge of tone and colour combinations, techniques and textures.

Dear friends,
I'm happy to share good news with you: the edition of my first book is ready!
Format: Hardback with a jacket
Pages: 100
Size: 270 x 240 mm
Year: 2021
Exclusive edition - 300 copies
Edition in English and Russian!The first 50 purchased books will ship signed by me!

75 euro, 85 $, shipping included from St.Petersburg, Russia 7-15 days! Payment PayPal
An order by mail:, WhatsApp +7 903-095-84-06 message or on the website!
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Angelika Privalikhina
«Меня не трогает красота»

"Мне интересен не просто сюжет, красивый образ или форма, меня трогает душа, внутренний трепет, особые чувства, которые переношу на холст через краски. Я стараюсь увидеть ее внутреннее содержание, духовную сторону, созерцать глазами, чувствовать сердцем. Происходит внутренний диалог, особые отношения между героем и автором. Для меня главное-не внешние атрибуты, не признаки рода и вида деятельности, а именно душа со своей красотой и трагизмом, сложная и не всегда понятная которая вот-вот преобразится".

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