Ilia Zorkin
About the Artist
Ilia was born into a military family in St. Petersburg. While he showed interest in mathematics and other sciences at school, when he grew up Ilya realised that he had his own way in life and he was going to be an artist instead of following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps.
Ilya studied the works of great masters in the best museums of St. Petersburg. As a result, he got admitted into the Russian Academy of Arts where, thanks to his outstanding abilities and hard work, throughout all his years of study Ilya was always the best student and was given a chance to hold his first exhibition in the Academy. At the moment, Ilya is the head of the 1st year workshop of the Academy.

From his works it is evident that Ilya possesses great skill and talent. He knows the technique and the structure of the composition very well and has a wide and easy style of painting using the pasty techniques and glazes. He also has vast experience in painting outside which he acquired in numerous trips around Italy.
Ilia is a painter who works in oil, soft pastel and charcoal.

Defending a diploma at the Academy of Arts. Institute named after I.E. Repin. 2019. Zorkin Ilya. "Moscow. 1698 "
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