Весенняя живопись в Тоскане
Натюрморт 20-27 мая 2023 года!
€ 1850

Giverny & Etretat
10-17 September 2023

Ilia Zorkin see artworks
Angelika Privalikhina see artworks

Valeria Privalikhina see artworks

The lessons are taught in English, French and Russian language.

This workshop and retreat blends a fantastic program of learning with artist while immersing ourselves fully in villa life and then, practice what you learned in the masterclass at daily painting locations surrounded by the beauty of Normandy.

This Workshop Includes:
*5 days of artistic immersion (very small group 4-5per).
*7 days comfortable villa accommodation+car for 7 seats.
*All Inclusive: breakfast, wine, cheese, juices and fruits .
Lunch and o dinner at your own expense .
*Balanced itinerary of painting, exploring and relaxation for artists of all media – all skill levels!
*Transfer from Vernon train station.
*Portable easels, turpentine, aprons.
From: €1650-€1850 for one person (Double room)

The price not includes: flights, transfers from airport , dinner, museum tickets.

How to get there?
From Paris by train from St Lazare Station to Vernon Station
Travel time: from 40 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes
One way ticket price: about 12 euros

Day 1
We will meet you at the railway station in Vernon at any time after 15:00
Wine, cheese, juices and fruits .
Day 2
Breakfast: 9:00
10:00-13:00 Morning Session in Giverny.
13:00 Lunch.
13:30 Cloud Monet`s House & Gardens and Museum of Impressionisms.
20:00 Evening dinner

Day 3
Breakfast: 9:00
10:00 Transfer to Saint-Julien-de-Mailloc
12:00 lunch, relaxation, swimming pool.
17:00 Afternoon Session
Wine, cheese, juices and fruits.
20:00 Evening Dinner

Day 4
Breakfast: 9:00
10:00 Morning Session
13:00 lunch, relaxation, swimming pool.
17:00 Afternoon Session
Wine, cheese, juices and fruits
20:00 Evening Dinner
Day 5
10:00 One - day workshop and trip to Etretat, Rouen.

Day 6
Breakfast: 9:00
10:00 Morning Session
13:00 lunch, relaxation, swimming pool.
17:00- 19:00 Afternoon Session
Wine, cheese, juices and fruits
20:00 Evening Dinner in Orbec.
Day 7
Breakfast: 9:00
11:00 Check - out and transfer to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Please bring your own art supplies.

This course will be a wonderful opportunity to work outside in Normandy.We will be working directly from the inspiring landscape subject matter. The aim is to experience and convey key forms and atmosphere through observational painting.
Practical demonstrations and one to one tuition will enable progression. An end of session collective display of the work made, will be discussed in a friendly and relaxed approach.

Beautiful artist house with heated pool
Our workshop located near in the village of Giverny, where the artist Claude Monet lived and worked for forty-three years, hence our plein air and a trip to the medieval cities of Rouen and Vernon, also to the coast of the cliffs of Etretat. Giverny is a very charming village. Claude Monet decided to move in this place in order to develop his passions such as painting, gardening and photography. In 1966, the gardens and Monet's House were passed by his son Michel to the Academy of Arts. We will see the Monet's House restored as before, the workshop's painter and stroll through the wonderful garden.
It will wonderful tour to visit Giverny and to discover the house of Monet and his wonderful gardens and painting
Art and the Impressionists led us to visit Rouen. There, we discovered the beautiful medieval quarter of Rouen old town.
After all, Normandy is where Impressionism was born, and with that in mind, We remembered Monet's beautiful paintings of the Rouen Cathedral, captured at different times of the day and of the year.
One - day workshop and trip to Etretat
artist Angelika Privalikhina
Sicily & color

7-14 November 2019
from € 1250 - 1550
included: master class, hotel room, airport transfer, dinner, breakfast. The program will appear in the coming days! Registration is open!
with artist Angelika Privalikhina

Which tour are you interested?
ART RETREAT:Sketching & Color
civita di Bagnoregio with the Plein Air Painting.
Angelika Privalikhina

DATES: April 1 - April 8, 2019
prices from:€1,450.00


This course is available in the following modalities:
Intensive course
Duration: from one week
Levels: beginning, basic and advanced.
The lessons are taught in English and Russian language.
Artworks Gallery

Journey around Tuscany in Search of Painting
Oil Painting Master-Class


Workshop is Full


Ann-Marie Rutkvist de Lipsis
I Am so happy for you, that you will come here in Toscana! I hope i can come to see you! ❤️
Claus MH Lech
I get some emotional when I see your paintings. You are fantastic!
Xenia Raz
А я побывала в сказке 😍
Всю прошлую неделю у нас был мастер-класс в Тоскане с одним из самых моих любимых художников Анжеликой Привалихиной. Это просто огромное счастье, когда такие люди, как Анжелика, приходят в твою жизнь.
Это был первый раз в моей жизни, когда я писала маслом.
Сплошной феерверк радости, магии и вдохновения!!! Пока мы еще все продолжаем летать 😁😘😍
Blue de Cobalt
Bravo, perfect drauwing, perfect use of brushes and other tools !!! I like very much your " frottis " in french ( rubing ?? frictions ? in english ??) :: and sweet " icings " ::!! !! Bravo, you are a making dreams !! :)
Татьяна Рубцова

Одним глазком бы посмотреть как рисует Анжелика.
Vibha Goyal
I` m such fan your works, totally agree that your works should de in the galleries!
Caralho de Castro
Fantastic I'M 70 years old and I try to learn from you
Nicole Pailhe
I `am crazy of your pictures!
Elena Miiromova
Wonderfully balanced composition, superb combination of colours and...life of nature in its full energy, I can even hear music playing...Thanks.
Emilia Chiappetta
❤️Best wishesTo bad your not in Toronto, Canada would have loved to see your work .. Truly Divine Gift from God.
Валерий Барановский
Писатель, кинокритик, сценорист.
директор-главный редактор at ТРК "Круг"
Happy your life -- from birth to eternity! You are very talented painter!
Ivan Chromy
Will you let me take part in some of your Master Classes too, Angelica? I will do shopping for you, ladies, cook for you, do the cleaning, wash the dishes, your aprons and clothes or the whole of each of you, ladies, if so be the wish or necessity. I will encourage you, inspire you, and comfort you when disappointed over the results of your artistic ambitions. Could so be the deal?

I thank you, Angelika! I guess you are surely aware of my sense of humor and although my 'offer' was made as a semi-humorous proposal indeed, deep down I liked the idea and just gave it a shot. Your polite "thank you" doesn't say 'yes', but it doesn't say 'no' either, and for the time being it's good enough for me.
Vibha Goyal
I am such fan of your work!
Clauss M H Lech
I get some emotional when I see you paintings.
Fantastic is the only word I could come up with!
Всегда одни восхищения, Анжелика! Я тоже обожаю Ваши картины. Даже одна из них висит у меня дома и всегда радует глаз. <3

Абсолютно искренне могу сказать, что Вы, Анжелика, - один из самых моих любимых художников.
Angelika Privalikhina
Спасибо, что цените мое творчество!❤️

Daria Kollegova
Анжелика, это у тебя " любители" пишут такие работы? Даже страшно, тогда как нам жить на Свете?
Tatiana Saligo

Какие красивые работы.Ты Мастер с огромной заглавной буквы .Мои поздравления началу Педагогики .Новые восхищения!

Чудесное творение, и как Вам удаётся передать такое душевное равновесие, такую внутреннюю красоту? Большое спасибо Вам.
Leo Boruel
I'm starting to believe that you've a mastery in color. Bravo Madam...
Marina Starikova
Я рада, что мы теперь друзья. Обожаю ваше творчество! Необыкновенная, очаровывающая живопись.!!!!! Трудно оторвать взгляд от полотна. Вы МОЛОДЕЦ, ХУДОЖНИК!!!!!!
Francine Fortier Alberton
Merci de m'accueillir das votre bel univers!

Elena Teslenko

Глядя на ваши работы , хочется жить.
Peter Richardson
I love your painting style.
Gulnara Weinstein
Не знаю никого, кто бы так чувствовал цвет, как ты, дорогая Анжелика.


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